CALLISTO'S LULLABY (2015) for mixed chorus

Premiere: data TBA
On a poem by Mercedes Kemp (UK)
Commissioned by the vocal ensemble Aquarius (Belgium)

AIR BORN for soprano, (ethnic) flutes and cello (2013)

Premiere: September 3 2013 in Castle of Gaasbeek (Kasteel van Gaasbeek) (Belgium)
Commissioned by the Castle of Gaasbeek (Kasteel van Gaasbeek) for the exposition “In Between”, Sept.-Nov. 2013 (Belgium)

A CHAIR AN EMPTY ROOM for soprano and acoustic and electric guitar (2013)

Premiere: March 20 2013 in Gruuthuse Museum, Bruges (Belgium)
Commissioned by the Gruuthuse Museum, Bruges for the exposition “Love & Devotion”, March-June 2013 (Belgium)

DICKINSON SONGS for soprano and piano (2013)

Premiere: March 01 2013 in OPEK, Leuven (Belgium)
Composed for the festival “Puzzling America” (curator: Jeroen D’hoe) in OPEK, Leuven (Belgium)

GLORIA I for European Mass (2012)

Premiere: August 19th, 2012 in the Landesakademie Ochsenhausen (C.H.O.I.R 2012)
Comissioned by Landesakademie Ochsenhausen, as a tribute to the anniversary „60 Years  Baden-Württemberg“
Dedicated to C.H.O.I.R 2012


Premiere: May 6 2012 in Velp (bij Grave) (The Netherlands) by Wout Oosterkamp (bass solo) and Jean-Pierre van Hees (Baroque musette), with Brody Neuenschwander (text art, live calligraphy)
Commissioned by the “Month of inspiration”, Velp (bij Grave)

Musical “hART” (2012)

Premiere: April 27 2012 in Cultural Centre “De Wildeman”, Herent  (Belgium)
Commissioned by Cultural Centre “De Wildeman”, Herent

SHADOWS  (2011)

Premiere: May 5 2011 by Zefiro Torna with live calligraphy by Brody Neuenschwander, text artist
Commissioned by Festival of Flanders, Mechelen (Belgium)

VUERPEIRT for choir, violin, carillon, accordion, wind band and rock group (based on the old Flemish folk song “Ros Beiaard”)

Premiere: May 12 2010, CC Belgica, Dendermonde (Belgium)
Commissioned by CC Belgica, Dendermonde

MEDIA VIA IN MORTE SUMUS (2009) for mixed vocal ensemble, 3 solo sopranos, Baroque harp, viola da gamba, lute and actor   

Premiere: October 22 2009 by Ensemble Polyfoon & Zefiro Torna in “CC ‘t Getouw”, Bornem (Belgium)
Commissioned by Ensemble Polyfoon

SKIN (2007) for mezzo-soprano and guitar, for a 'soundscape calligraphy' (audiovisual installation) by Brody Neuenschwander

Premiere: August 2007, Hospitaalmuseum, Bruges (Belgium) and March 2008, Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
Commissioned by Brody Neuenschwander

CONCEDIDO (2005) for four-part female choir

Premiere: April 29, 2005, Leuven (Belgium) by Concinite, Peter Dejans (cond.)
Commissioned by Concinite, Belgium

LES IDEES (2005) for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet

Premiere: April 30, 2005, Dendermonde (Belgium) by Oxalys
Commissioned by Oxalys, Belgium

VISIONS (2002) for Mixed Chorus and String Quartet

Premiere: August 1, 2002 by the Goeyvaerts Consort, the Danel String Quartet, and Marc Michael De Smet (cond.) during the opening ceremony of the International Musicological Society (IMS) Congress 2002, Leuven (Belgium)
Commissioned by the Alamire Foundation

CUMMINGS SONGS for soprano, violin, piano and orchestra  (1998)

Premiere: June 25, 1998 by Collegium Instrumentale Brugensis, Patrick Peire (cond.), with Catherine Vandevelde (sopr.), Véronique Bogaerts (vln), and Jan Michiels (pno).
Commissioned by Collegium Instrumentale Brugensis

FOUR YEATS SONGS for soprano and orchestra (1995)

Premiere: January 15, 1995 by The Ensemble of New Music of The Lemmens Institute, Paul Beelaerts (cond.), with Ann Willems (sopr.)