STREET PICTURES EXHIBITION [STRAATTEKENINGEN], 10 piano pieces for beginners (2017)

To be published by Euprint (Belgium)

SUITE for oboe solo (2016)

Premiere: March 23, 2016 in CC "De Schakel", Waregem (Belgium) by Piet Van Bockstal (oboe)
Commissioned by CC "De Schakel", Waregem (Belgium)

NEW STAIRS BLUES for piano solo (2012)

Premiere: date TBD
Composed for the New Blues Project of Marcel Worms (The Netherlands)

WEKKERING for carillon solo (2009)

Premiere: August 28 2009 by Carl Van Eyndhoven, Mol (Belgium).
Commissioned by Beiaardcomité Mol

TOCCATA-SCHERZO for piano solo (2002) 

Premiere: during the semi-finals of the International Queen Elisabeth Competition for Piano on May 19-25, 2003, Brussels, Belgium
Winning composition of the National Composition Competition of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2003

PIANO SUITE N°1 for piano solo (1995)

Premiere: June 14, 1995 by Katrien Derde at LUCA Campus Lemmens