ONCE UPON A CASTLE (sound installations) (2014)

Premiere: April 10 2014 in Castle of Gaasbeek (Belgium)
Commissioned by the Castle of Gaasbeek (Belgium)

NOTHING BESIDE REMAINS for symphony orchestra (2012)

Soundtrack of the animated short film NOTHING BESIDE REMAINS by Bob Thissen (The Netherlands)

CHANGE RINGING (2009), a composition/soundscape (with a libretto by Brody Neuenschwander) for mezzo-soprano, ensemble and electronics

Premiere: March 21 2009, Sint-Roumbouts Cathedral, Mechelen
Commissioned by the City of Mechelen (Belgium)

SKIN (2007) for mezzo-soprano and guitar, for a 'soundscape calligraphy' (audiovisual installation) by Brody Neuenschwander

Premiere: August 2007, Hospitaalmuseum, Bruges (Belgium) and March 2008, Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
Commissioned by Brody Neuenschwander