STRING QUARTET Nr. 1 “Resonances” (2015)

Premiere: November 18, 2015 in the Academiezaal, CC De Boogaard, Sint-Truiden (Belgium) by the Taurus Quartet
Commissioned by CC De Boogaard, Sint-Truiden

DANCES (version for violin & piano) (2016)

Premiere: TBA soon by Amandine and Laurence Beyer

ELLA’S BLUES for tenor saxophone and piano (2015)

Premiere: July 11, 2015 at the 17th World Saxophone Congress and Festival – Strasbourg (F) by Jeroen Vanbever (tenor saxophone) and Bart Van Caenegem (piano)
Commissioned by Jeroen Vanbever (Belgium)

NEW STAIRS (version for four-hand piano) (2013)

Premiere: October 18 2013 in CC De Warande, Dilbeek (Belgium)
Composed for the Yin-Yang Piano Duo (Inge Spinette & Jan Michiels) (Belgium)
Dedicated to the Yin-Yang Piano Duo and Mark Delaere

NEW STAIRS (2011) for chamber ensemble

Premiere: May 25 2011, by Spectra Ensemble, with architect Johan Van Den Berghe in Concertgebouw Bruges (Belgium), in the context of the artistic research project New Feet for 5 Years a Minute, in collaboration with the University of Leuven Association and Concertgebouw Bruges (Belgium)

ELEGIE for trumpet and piano (2010)

Premiere: November 2010, as the required piece during the “Dexia Classics” Competition for young brass players
Commissioned by “Dexia Classics” Competition (Belgium)

PETIT CONCERT… DU DIABLE (2006) for violin, clarinet, horn and (four-hand) piano

Premiere: October 20, 2006, Heist-op-den-Berg, by Frescamente and Jan Michiels (piano)
Commissioned by Jeugd & Muziek Vlaanderen (Belgium)

TOCCATAS (2003) for flute, cello and piano

Premiere: December 7 and 9, 2003, Toronto and Montreal (Canada) by the Phoenix Trio
Commissioned by the Phoenix Trio

SCHERZO (2002) for sinfonietta ensemble

Premiere: April 16, 2002 by the New Juilliard Ensemble
Commissioned by the New Juilliard Ensemble, New York

WAVES for oboe and piano (1999)

Premiere: April 25, 1999 by Eric Speller (oboe) and Edoardo Torbianelli (piano)
Commissioned for the Chamber Music Series of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders

ADAGIO for oboe sextet (ob, 2 vlns, vla, vcl., db.) (1996)

Premiere: April 3, 1996
Commissioned by Piacevole

PARTITA for recorder quartet (1995)

Premiere: September 30, 1995, by the Flanders' Recorder Quartet
Commissioned by the Flanders' Recorder Quartet